Our Heritage. Our Philosophy. Our Mission.

We take stunning photographs to preserve and present every property with extraordinary professionalism and pizazz! As the company grows, founder Heather Santee plans to offer gainful and fulfilling employment to likeminded women who strive toward independence and success. “I would love to offer my sisters—other women who are single moms and have been through a lot—a flexible career that allows them to provide for their family while still being present and available.”

Meet Heather Santee, Founder & Lead Photographer of Properazzi Sisters

Head Shot 2Mama. Realtor. Real estate photographer. Daughter. Friend. Island girl.

Ever since young adulthood, Heather’s free-spirited wanderlust motivated her to visit, and sometimes live in, dozens of exotic, far-flung locales. Well-traveled and keenly self-aware, her innate entrepreneurialism—a virtue underscored by an outrageously unique résumé—ultimately led Heather to become the self-made woman she is today.

This kind of “go out and do it” attitude has landed her jobs in banking, customer service, management—she even worked as a PR specialist and marketer for Prince’s Miami nightclub, Glam Slam! That happened! She also franchised a Curves, the popular, upscale gym for women. For this well-rounded, single mother, promoting an iconic rock-and-roll superstar or helping hardworking women to stay fit and fabulous is just another day at the office. She truly is a Renaissance woman.

On the way to every great destination is an amazing journey!

An only child raised by an amazingly supportive father, her idyllic small-town youth gave way to big dreams and even bigger adventures. Her journey began when, at age 18, Heather’s passion and curiosity inspired her to move to Manhattan. It wasn’t long before she discovered the value of hard work and commitment. Amazingly, she landed jobs at Tavern on the Green, in Central Park, as well as the fabled Macy’s Herald Square. From Brooklyn to the Bronx, and the Upper East Side down to Greenwich Village, her taste for experience and diversity piqued Heather’s unquenchable thirst for life.

Heather went from Manhattan Island to the Caribbean Islands where she worked for 4 years on cruise ships, interacting with people from all over the world. Upon returning to the States, she had an increased love for people of diverse cultures and backgrounds. This would shape her relationships throughout her life and her career. One relationship in particular eventually led to motherhood, and though the marriage became unhealthy and tumultuous, she gained newfound strength and confidence—and a beautiful baby girl! It was around that time that serendipity presented itself in the form of a much-needed career opportunity in real estate.

A real estate photographer who knows the business—(she’s also a Realtor!)

After working tirelessly for 2 years at a top-tier real estate firm, Heather had a new title: Realtor. By this point, she had also racked up experience as a gym owner—where she acquired tons of inspiration alongside other healthy, driven women. She combined her business acumen with a desire to find a creative outlet. The result: Properazzi Sisters.

As a licensed agent, her colleagues trust her to respect every listing as if they were her own. Security and discretion are top priorities. Heather knows her way around a property—photographing the best features to emphasize quality and value—because she has the “insider” perspective. Plus her well-established relationships with fellow real estate professionals simplify the process from beginning to end. She sees herself as part of a team, working toward the common goal of listing and selling a home. Heather also derives satisfaction through getting to know her clients—both sellers and home buyers. She genuinely enjoys getting to know their story and finds joy in sharing the happiness that comes when families purchase the home of their dreams.

Heather’s customer service expertise, and love for people of all cultures and backgrounds, means she treats all of her clients with sincerity and respect. She is zero percent ego and 100 percent eager … to please—clients and colleagues believe so, and you could too! Click here to learn more!

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